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Mourinho responds to Rashford’s claims about how to win penalties

Fri 15 January 2021 | 23:05

Jose Mourinho responds to United striker Marcus Rashford's claims the Portuguese taught players to be 'savvy' in the penalty box.

Jose Mourinho

has said he has nothing to do with the high number of spot-kicks given to the Red Devils.

Marcus Rashford

recently responded to a question about why 

Manchester United


are awarded more penalties than other teams.

He answered the question

: "I remember when Jose was manager, there were five or six times I can remember where I should've had a penalty. Jose ended up saying to me if you're not savvy about the way you do it then you're not going to get it.

"After that, we started to get a few penalties. It was something that in terms of development you have to learn that and understand it."

Mourinho was asked about Rashford’s claims before Tottenham’s game against Sheffield United.

He did not want to answer in detail, he advised those who believe the referees have favored his team to do some research.

"Look, first of all, Liverpool versus Manchester United is a big match that doesn't need me to make it bigger,”

Mourinho said


"Or it doesn't need me to do any headlines before such a big match that I know means so much for both clubs and supporters' population, so I'll leave comments for later not for now.

"If you feel the need to write something about it, do it in a very simple way. Stats, go to Opta, stats, go to my history as a manager in my more or less 10 Premier League seasons. Compare numbers and take your conclusions."

United have been awarded more spot-kicks under Solskjaer. This season, the Red Devils have been given six Premier League penalties in 17 matches and 11 across all the competitions.

source: SportMob