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Chelsea is sending out on-loan players

Fri 15 January 2021 | 20:30

Chelsea has recently been trying to send out the off-load players with no more Transfers or added Footballers to the team in winter's transfer market.

Danny Drinkwater

 will be moving to 


 with a £35 million sign after he was moved to 

Chelsea U23

 to find a move.


 is now cutting-down the offload players and selling loanees.

AC Milan

 has requested to have 

Fikayo Tomori

, But Lampard has not set a precise date or condition to send him out on loan.

Lampard said: 

"He absolutely has a long-term future at this club and we will see if and when he goes out on loan.

"The moment I got close with Fikayo is when I took him on loan to Derby, and he was the player of the year and one of the best players in the Championship that year. He came back last year, played 20-plus games for us at a young age and then got in the England squad.

“There is a long-term plan for Fikayo in my head about his career here. If he goes out on loan, it will be to enhance his personal development, hopefully help the team he goes to, and come back as a better player.”

Chelsea is, however, looking for a way to send out more players on loan. FIFA limits on-loan Players of any team to only 23 players.

source: SportMob