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Sam Allardyce: I can’t promise players won’t hug if they score

Fri 15 January 2021 | 18:41

West Brom boss has questioned the need for new guidelines on goal celebrations.

The Premier League

officials have issued new guidelines to limit the spread of coronavirus as cases surge in the UK. One of the new guidelines is about players hugging in their goal celebrations but

Sam Allardyce

sees no point in such a regulation as the players pass other protocols way before they score a goal. 

“Certainly jumping on each other and hugging each other is out of the question now. I’m not sure why we’re in a bubble here and we get tested twice a week that it makes a difference.

“But if that’s what the protocols are we’ll try our best to adhere to it. But I can’t promise that anyone won’t get carried away if they score a goal.”

Earlier this week, Frank Lampard had warned that it will be difficult for the players to control their emotions after scoring goals.

“So to control the emotions is a fair ask, but to dictate emotion will probably be very difficult on the pitch,”

he said.

“Let’s just see how this goes because as it goes along we will see if players can control it. I hope they can.”


source: SportMob