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Pogba is expected to be benched for Liverpool clash

Fri 15 January 2021 | 18:56

The Frenchman, who admitted to facing a competition at the Red Devils midfield, is expected to start on the bench in their Liverpool clash.

Manchester United


Paul Pogba

, is expected to be benched for their Sunday clash with


despite having admitted to hating bench-time. Still the Frenchman, who had been previously kept on the sidelines, is aware of the competition for the midfield position in their squad.

The 27-year-old, who hopes to avoid getting back into the sidelines, told

Sky Sports


“I've been feeling very good in myself, physically and mentally as well. I've been playing and when you're playing, you get your form.”

“It's a huge difference when you start one game and don't start another one, or if you don't start for a few games. Obviously, the team helped the players to be in good form, we've been playing very well. The players and the staff have been playing me, trusting me.”

“I have to focus in myself and give my best. On the left, on the right, in the middle, striker, defender, anything. As long as I'm on the pitch I give my best and as much as I can do to help my team.”

“I hate to be on the bench, I don't like it. It doesn't mean that other players don't deserve to be playing but for myself, I don't like it. I'm a winner, I just want to play football and help my team. When I'm on the bench and I don't come on, I feel like I can't help my team-mates so I feel bad and I don't like it.”

Pogba also talked to

Man-Utd’s official website

about giving other players a chance to play, despite wishing to be among the starting XI against Liverpool, saying:

“We’ve always had very good midfielders. Carras [Michael Carrick] and others. It’s always been tough.”

“You have to say all the midfielders have been doing great. For me, I came back from injury as well. Scott [McTominay] and Fred have been doing great, and Nemanja [Matic] has been doing great and Bruno, since he arrived, has been doing great so it’s tough for the manager.”

"I want to play but it’s tough - how do you take some players out? How?”

“Results have been good as well so it’s always difficult. He has to make some changes, some decisions and, you never know, I could be on the bench or play the next game. You have to take it, that’s football and the guys have been doing very well, so I can’t say anything.”

“I just need to be ready and take my chance to play and help the team as much as they have been doing. You have to give the guys the credit. Every time you play, you are on your toes and you want to do great because the guys next to you give everything as well.”

"That’s building a team, it’s about the team and it shows that we have each other’s backs and we push each other to the limit to do great.”

source: SportMob