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Enrique: Gerrard will be Liverpool boss but succeeding Klopp is hard

Fri 15 January 2021 | 18:06

Steven Gerrard’s former teammate believes that he shouldn’t rush into the role of being the Reds boss.

Steven Gerrard

who has played alongside

Jose Enrique



has established a successful coaching career at


as his side are currently at the top of the Scottish Premiership table and are ending Celtic’s dominance of the division. Liverpool legend has been linked with a move back to Liverpool almost since the day that he left the club but his former teammate believes that succeeding Klopp as Liverpool coach would be a difficult job.

"Definitely, he will be [manager],"

He told

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"I believe everyone knows that. I'm not sure when, but that's always different; I'm talking to you in an interview, but many Liverpool fans have this question.

"I always say, 'Listen, enjoy Klopp first, because we have so much good with him', but Steven will become manager.

"I'm not sure, to be honest, if it's the best decision to be after Klopp. I'm not sure about that.

"Because anyone who is after Klopp is going to have the pressure that we saw with United and Sir Alex Ferguson, and Sir Alex Ferguson was for a longer time with more titles. That's true.

"Klopp, we don't know when he's going to retire from Liverpool and hopefully with many more titles, so going after someone like that, even if you're Steven Gerrard, is not easy.

"It's true he is already doing really well in a big team in Scotland, because Celtic have been the king in Scotland for a really long time, but he's taken over now and is probably going to win the league. In Europe, he's doing well as well.

"So, from what I know – and I don't know him as a manager but as a man – I'm sure the players will be really happy with him and he was a great captain.

"It is a different role, but I'm sure he would have that inside him to be the manager and captain at the same time for the team, and you are seeing that at Rangers. He doesn't care, he will put the best to play and he will be the manager in the future."

source: SportMob