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"Chiellini has no ethics"-The former Juventus midfielder

Fri 15 January 2021 | 17:28

Felipe Melo said the current Juventus players should be 'afraid' of captain Giorgio Chiellini

Recently, an argument broke out between Felipe Melo and

Giorgio Chiellini

, and the Brazilian midfielder said that 'Chiellini is a bitter coward'. The former Juventus midfielder added in an interesting comment that Chiellini's teammates should be afraid of him

He’s a Juventus symbol, unfortunately he gets injured and can’t have continuity in matches,

” Melo told the newspaper.

“In football, what happens in the dressing room, stays there. His teammates, in the national team and in the club, must be afraid and keep their eyes open.

“If he talked about someone who played in the national team with him, maybe tomorrow, he could do it with someone who plays with him today.

“In Brazil, we call it ethics and if he doesn’t have it, it’s his problem.

“I do have ethics and therefore I don’t speak badly of him. In fact, I cheer for him. I hope he wins an international trophy that he doesn’t have.

“But I don’t allow myself to speak ill of someone who has worked with me, it’s a question of ethics.”

Melo was asked about the mistakes he made during his career, but he replied that he had learned from them.

“Everything I have done wrong has been a school for me,” he said. “But, I don’t know, I wouldn’t offer Chiellini dinner again.



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source: SportMob