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Winning against Liverpool will be shocking - Solskjaer

Fri 15 January 2021 | 16:19

Solskjaer are hoping for Sunday's win over Liverpool, but believe it will be a shocking victory.

Manchester United

boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has claimed that it would be a shock if his side win against


on Sunday, but expressed confidence that Red Devil will be able to get Liverpool in trouble.

United will go to Anfield with three points more than their opponents and have been in very good form so far in the league and have not lost since losing to Arsenal in November. Despite this great form, the United manager believes that his team's victory against Liverpool will be shocking. Liverpool have not lost to United in the league since April 2017 and Red devil have not won at Anfield since January 2016.

“If you look at the last few seasons I think it would be an upset and it would be a shock,”

Solskjaer said. 

“Our position at the moment is a product of all the hard work we've done in the training ground and what the players are putting down every single day and we probably deserve to be where we're at at the moment. 

“I don’t think many would have thought anything but an upset if we went six weeks back and beat Liverpool at Anfield. We’re looking forward to the game and hoping we can cause that upset.”

“I think every team goes into every game thinking they could win it and we know we can beat anyone, anywhere on any given day,”

he said.

“To be able to go into a game like this feeling if we play to our best we can win is a good feeling but we know we have to perform to our best and we don't really think about the consequences after that - we just think about the performance.

“It is a test and reality check of where we are really at. We have won many, many tight games, scored goals a few goals in injury time and shown that mentality, but we’ve not really set the world alight too many times and to win away at Anfield you really need to be at your best level.”



source: SportMob