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Ole never pressed the panic button at Manchester United

Fri 15 January 2021 | 16:04

The Red Devils are currently on top of the Premier League table, 3 points clear before visiting Anfield.

Since his arrival,

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

has had some disastrous spells at

Manchester United

but he never doubted himself once. He always talked about his long term plans for Manchester United. Various managers such as Allegri and Pochettino were alternatives for Ole if he was sacked but he did not press the panic button.

“I never thought it would be easy,”

the Norwegian told Dagbladet TV of his experiences back at Old Trafford.

“It is not a job where there is one way. You have challenges every single day. There are many challenges that you do not see. But working with people, and with the club that has given me so much, I thrive very, very well with that.”

Solskjaer added on the speculation that has surrounded his future at times:

“We did not press any panic button. We have had one focus all along: That this is a long-term project. 

“We think about the club's best and what we'll look like in a little while. We have had faith in what we work with. We know what we want to look like. Then we also know that individual matches we cannot always control the outcome. But you have to control the process, and I think we do.”



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source: SportMob