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Allardyce criticizes British government's interference in football

Thu 14 January 2021 | 22:09

The British government intends to enforce strict rules on Covid-19 protocols in football

West Brom

boss Sam Allardyce has criticized the British government for interferencing in football, claiming that the fear of Covid-19 has dampened the excitement of the Premier League


During the new lockdown, members of the British Parliament criticized the goal celebrations , which is accompanied by hugging and kissing, claiming that these actions are against protocols. Captains and coaches will meet to decide on changes to be made to the new protocol. However, Allardyce does not agree with the government's position on this issue

“We all want to carry on playing football, and if we all adhere to the rules and regulations slightly better than we already have we will,”

Allardyce said.

“But I get a little peeved with players called for being irresponsible. Why the Government want to intervene is an absolute nonsense with the mess they’re making of it at the moment.

“Their care has not been the greatest and it’s irresponsible the Government wants to intervene in football, they need to look at their own house before they look at ours.

“We’re getting tested two or three times a week, (we have) sterilisers, masks and independent monitors at the training ground making sure we don’t do this or that.

“I can’t have meetings more than 10 in a room, so why are they thinking we are doing it wrong? Just because we’re celebrating scoring a goal. Come on, that’s not right.”



source: SportMob