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Suarez’s failed move to Juventus

Thu 14 January 2021 | 19:51

It is reported that Juve had reached an agreement with the Uruguayan before finding out that he lacked a European passport.

According to

Corriere della Sera



sporting director, Fabio Paratici found out about

Luis Suarez

’s lack of European citizenship after they had reached a €10m worth deal with the player. Once Paratici was aware of the situation he asked the player’s agent, who responded: “He doesn’t have a European passport.”

To deal with Suarez’s case,


had to pull a few strings, but things didn’t go his way after a number of


were found in the player’s citizenship exam, which has put the Juve sporting director under investigation.

The newspaper reports that the investigations started with a message from the Minister of Transport to the head of the cabinet of the Interior Ministry,

Bruno Frattasi

, who rejected Suarez’s 2019 request due to his lack of Italian language knowledge, saying:

“If, as I believe, they want to propose a new concession application, we can support them.”

De Micheli

then said:

“This is a player that Juve want to buy. He didn’t take the exam because he has been in Europe for 11 years.”

“But he didn’t write that in the question. So, you advise me to put Juve in touch with your manager to accelerate???”

Frattasi replied:

“Yes, send them to me, then I’ll take care of it.”

Following Paratici’s realization of the situation, De Micheli claimed:  

“He [Paratici] told me that Juve were buying Suarez and the agreement was almost done.”

“They realised he had no community passport, which emerged after the negotiation was almost concluded and therefore the requirement of citizenship was essential for the successful completion of the operation.”

Paratici remains under investigation as more faults continue to emerge in the Uruguayan’s transfer attempt.

source: SportMob