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Trippier carries on with Atletico Madrid after FA failures

Thu 14 January 2021 | 18:08

After failing to change the dates of Trippier’s suspension, FA are forced to let the player continue playing for Atelti.


Atletico Madrid


Kieran Trippier

, was given a 10-week ban from any football-related activity for breaching the Football Association’s betting rules, the FA attempted to change the dates of the defender’s suspension but they have failed.

Though Trippier accepted the punishment, Atletico Madrid presented an appeal to


to deal with the matter but it is expected that dealing with the legalities of this suspension may take more time than it is wished.

The commission said that extending the ban

“has the potential to cause significant stress and anxiety to Trippier”,

while also

“impeding his prospects of being transferred to an English club during the current transfer window”.

It added:

“He was entitled to think until that these long drawn-out proceedings had been finalised and that as from the end of February 2021 he could begin a new chapter.”

The FA confirmed:

“An independent regulatory commission has dismissed the Football Association’s application to revise the effective dates of Kieran Trippier’s 10-week suspension in relation to breaches of the FA’s betting rules.”

The 30-year-old was also fined for £70,000 after he was found guilty of several charges.

source: SportMob