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Campbell is happy with Martinelli’s situation

Thu 14 January 2021 | 12:45

Campbell is happy that Martinelli’s injury is not serious.



was injured while preparing to take part in


match but it wasn’t anything serious according to the club’s update on his situation.

Here is what the Gunners dormer star


has said about Martinelli’s injury in his interview with Football Insider:

“I wasn’t quite sure what the issue was.

“He has been out for such a long time that when he picks up an injury in the warm up you fear the worst.

“Fingers crossed he is going to be back in training this week so it does not look to be that bad. It is great news for the football club, great news for him and a relief for him.

“He put in so much work to get himself back fit, and he was so impressive against Chelsea, to get injured again would have been heartbreaking. I am really pleased for him.”   

Here is what Martinelli himself told Daily Mail about his injury:  

“I was about to receive the ball and felt a little pain on my knee.

“Not enough for me to stop practising, but, while we were on the finishing session, I told them that I was in pain. They told me to rest and, if I felt the pain the next day, to let them know.

“When I woke up, I felt it but I was able to walk. I thought it was nothing at first, but it was a pain I'd never felt before. I went to the club for the examinations and they said it was not good and I would need surgery. It broke me. I cried a lot.”


source: SportMob