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Yorke talks about Fernandes’ importance for Manchester United

Thu 14 January 2021 | 10:35

Manchester United’s former striker has talked about their top performer Fernandes.

Bruno Fernandes

has been one of the most important players in Solskjaer’s squad but the

Red Devils

’ former striker


says that the Portuguese needs to win trophies in order to see his name among the elites of the club.

Yorke told Sky Sports:

“He has come in and really lifted the team in a really massive way. Ole [Gunnar Solskjaer] deserves a lot of credit for recognising such a player to bring in.

“What he has brought to the team has been second to none. He has been consistent and a star performer week in, week out, and has mobilised the team and given them an energy which was lacking earlier on in the campaign.

“He is undoubtedly one of the best players there, if not the best player there at this present time, but there is no point being the best player if you don’t go on to win things at Manchester United.

“You are always going to be judged by the fact you have won things.

“They got to three semi-finals last season and they have got to another semi-final this year and not got over the line. So time is ticking in terms of that and in terms of the results.

“It is not very often that you get to those kinds of positions and he now needs to convert those into trophies – that will be the next steps.

“In terms of where he (Solskjaer) has the team at the moment, every Manchester United fan will be singing with a lot of joy. It is not something we have been able to do in recent times so this is a very good time for the football club and the fans around the world.”

source: SportMob