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Trinity Rodman: ‘I'm excited to pave my own path’

Thu 14 January 2021 | 10:01

Trinity Rodman is determined to move out of her father’s shadow and not be defined only as Dennis Rodman’s daughter.

NBA champion

Dennis Rodman

is the father of United States youth international forward

Trinity Rodman

, who was selected second overall by the

Washington Spirit

in the



Rodman has stated that she does not want to be defined only by her famous father and wants to move out of his shadow.

"[Being a professional] has been my dream forever so this is unreal to me," Rodman said. “The one thing I'm most excited for is just to learn from this. [At] the professional level you're going to learn more than you're going to do well, really, but I'm excited to learn.

"With my dad, I'm just so thankful, obviously he was an amazing athlete and I got those genes from him but I'm excited to be known as Trinity Rodman and not just Dennis Rodman's daughter, so I'm excited to pave my own path and get better throughout this journey.”

She was supposed to attend Washington State and play in the fall season, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the season was moved to the spring.

However, she decided to not wait for the season and declare for the draft before playing in college.

"Washington State is an awesome school, awesome staff, awesome people. I fell in love as soon as I got there, but I think as Covid hit in the environment, I was just kind of feeling stuck in a way," Rodman added. 

"Obviously professional is a higher level [than college] and I know I'm at a point right now where I could be at that level to get even better than I would be in college, so I was just kind of like, 'let's just go, I want to get better. Let's go.’”

source: SportMob