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Derek McInnes has no complaints over postponed Livingston clash

Wed 13 January 2021 | 20:30

Aberdeen manager puts no blame on Livingston as their Scottish Premiership match was cancelled at last minute.


Steven McLean



’s artificial pitch as ‘unsafe’ after a downpour made it waterlogged. Stadium staff swept water off the pitch during the warm-up but McLean’s final inspection before the kick-off led to discussions with both team’s managers and the match was finally postponed. This is the second time that this match has been canceled as it was originally scheduled for December 30 but was postponed because of a frozen pitch. However,



Derek McInnes

says he doesn’t blame Livingston as he believes that the pitch was unsafe for the players.

“It looked dangerous, it is dangerous. The amount of water on the pitch is unusual, I think it caught us out to be honest. There’s no blame to Livingston here.

“We all agreed the pitch was unsafe and the only debate we had was whether we started it or delayed the game, but the forecast was that it was to remain like this all night.

“The groundsmen were sweeping off the water but they obviously couldn’t have done that once the game started. It was going to get worse.

“It’s a real frustration that we’ve come all the way down for the second time, but there’s no blame attached to Livingston.

“At no point during the day, even when we arrived at the stadium, did we think there was any doubt.”

McInnes added:

“The referee, quite cleverly in my opinion, went around the senior players that he’s obviously known for a long time in my team and in the Livingston team and asked their opinion.

“Obviously, managers can influence this kind of thing, but the players expressed concern, the ref then asked the players if they thought the pitch was unsafe and dangerous and the consensus from all the players was that it was. And he’s right with that.”

source: SportMob