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Castro joins hub this season

Thu 14 January 2021 | 1:43

A bleak future was awaiting Diego Castro last year but he made terms with the club with the new coach Richard Garcia having a crucial role in that.

Perth Glory


Diego Castro

reveals his commitment to featuring in an A-League hub this year, as Richard Garcia acted as a peacemaker. The 38-year-old’s future was unknown last season as he didn’t feature for his side in their NSW hub to end the campaign. The rumors were raised surrounding Castro’s decision regarding staying with his family on holiday than joining the hub.

According to Glory owner Tony Sage, the winger even threw his contract in the former coach Tony Popovic’s face following being asked to cut his pay. Castro had the intention of settling the issues over a talk rather than taking it to the media. Garcia had a crucial role in cooling things down and convincing him to stay. However, he was reluctant to express the details of last year’s problems but stated that he was not treated fairly and would rather go according to his morals and principles.

He commented on whether he plays for a hub this year: "

Yes, of course



The new coach, the new director, Terry McFlynn, they convinced me it's still a good place to be.

"I've been playing ACL, I've been doing the quarantine. That's a sign that it is clear that I (am showing) commitment.

"It wasn't good in the last hub, but for sure we can figure out what it's going to be in the next, because I'm feeling all the support from the coach and the club."

Castro has spent the last five seasons at Glory was appreciative of the fans’ support and the opportunity.


I've always wanted to stay. I never said anything to the contrary,

" Castro said.


I want to let everyone know that I have always been thankful of being here. The situation was out of my hands and the morals and principles are important for me.

"The new coach was the first person helping me and I had a year more on my contract, and here I am trying to do the best I can."

Castro expressed his full commitment to the club and is determined to help the younger players.

source: SportMob