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Gattuso talks about their performance against Empoli

Wed 13 January 2021 | 20:03

Napoli boss has warned his players to be aware of the counter-attacks.


boss has talked about his side’s balance after their victory against Empoli.


says that they allow too many Counter-attacks.

“It was a great performance, we suffered against some talented young players and knew it was important to give playing time to those who hadn’t featured as much, so it would be difficult,”

Gattuso told RAI Sport


“We allowed a few too many counter-attacks, so certainly need more balance at the weekend.

“If you look at all the clubs competing in Europe this season, they have all been quite inconsistent, as since COVID there’s no difference between home and away. We can improve, as we certainly dropped a few too many points along the way.

“There has been a downturn in performance since the Inter game. It’s a tactical issue, but also we waste too many scoring opportunities and then allow our opponents too many chances too. We need to be more balanced, because we create a lot, but concede too much, and that’s a recurring issue.”

And about his illness which almost forced him to leave his job he added:

“I feel much better now thanks to the cortisone. I heard a lot of things over the last few months, some saying I wouldn’t be able to coach anymore. I’ve been dealing with this for 10 years, there are far worse things, trust me. I am fine, it was just a relapse.”

source: SportMob