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Ozil’s transfer talks almost over

Wed 13 January 2021 | 18:54

Ozil is close to joining Fenerbahce according to Emre Belozoglu.

Fenerbahce’s director

Emre Belozoglu

claims that the negotiations over


are almost over. There have been speculations about Ozil’s departure from Arsenal for some time but now the speculations are over as he gets closer to joining his favorite Turkish club.

Here is what Emre Belozoglu says about the transfer:

“I look very positively on behalf of the community and the president, but I do not see it easily. We have plans of our own,” Emre told reporters.

“Mesut also has a contract with his club. He is a superstar. We are talking about a player who contributed to a goal in every other game at every club he has played for. I would be very pleased if Fenerbahce could have such a player.

“We had a meeting with him and his manager. Mesut is closer than ever. The fact that Mesut had this childhood dream and Fenerbahce had the dream has made this step so close for the first time.

“After the meeting process with Mesut’s club is over, we will hold meetings between ourselves. If Mesut agrees with his club on the terms we want, it won’t stretch our financial limits this year.

“Fenerbahce and other clubs no longer have to power to bring in footballers on €4-5 million contracts. There will be no numbers that would disturb the balance or affect the salaries of other players, we do not have that ability.”

source: SportMob