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Parker questions the decision to reschedule Fulham-Tottenham clash

Wed 13 January 2021 | 18:47

The Premier League coach believes the decision to reschedule their match for Wednesday could put his men at risk.



Scott Parker

, insisted that the Premier League decision to rearrange their match against



“unfair and wrong”

and could put his players’ welfare at risk. Though the Spurs were expected to face

Aston Villa

on Wednesday, it was revealed that they will be hosting Fulham instead.

Parker said:

“There’s a risk of that. Of course there is. Is that risk more with us currently? Maybe because of the circumstances.”

“But that risk is a lot higher for every team this year because of the circumstances. This is not just an injured player who has been out for 10 days and for three of those days has been doing some work on the grass or in the gym – this is 10 days locked in your house.”

“This is 10 days you can’t come out and then after that you’re building someone in trying to get them to some sort of level to maybe play in the Premier League. So I think there’s no denying that that could heighten the injuries.”

Despite being reluctant to their Wednesday match, Parker confirmed that they will be taking part in the game.

He said:

“We’ve had the time, obviously it is what it is, that’s not the issue. The squad have reacted fine to it, they’ve come in, prepared as well as we can, they’re raring to go, probably there is an element that they want to get back out and get back into the competition.”

“Overall, it is what it is. I’m disappointed, I’m angry, I think it’s unfair and I think it’s wrong and that’s why I don’t agree with it and that’s why I’m angry about it.”

“I think it’s wrong, I think it’s just outrageously wrong, but this is what happens in life sometimes, you have disappointments and you bounce back and it is what it is now. I’ve said my piece and the team will go out there, we’ll go out there and put in a performance on Wednesday night.”

According to the

Premier League

rules before planning Fulham’s Wednesday game, Aston Villa were asked to sign a request and as it is sated by one of the sections:

“Clubs must accept changes to normal conditions and schedules in order to ensure the completion of the competition”

and also

“having given consideration to the health and safety of participating players, (require) that clubs participate in matches at more frequent intervals than initially scheduled”


source: SportMob