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Laporta does not regret the passed up opportunity to buy Ronaldo

Tue 12 January 2021 | 20:30

"We rejected him and I don't regret it" said Joan Laporta, FC Barcelona's presient of the time.

Joan Laporta

 was offered to buy 

Cristiano Ronaldo

 for 17 Million in 2003, but Laporta rejected the offer. However, he says that he does not regret passing up this opportunity.

Joan Laporta, one of the current 


 presidential candidates, says that at that time the investment and attention were directed to 



He said: 

"Marquez's people proposed Cristiano Ronaldo to us. He was at Sporting at the time.

"One of his agents said that they had a player who they had sold to [Manchester] United for 19 million, but they'd sell him to us for 17 million.

"But we had already invested in Ronaldinho at the time. Cristiano played more out wide than in the centre. We thought we were covered, so we rejected him and I don't regret it." 

Ronaldo stayed at 

Manchester United

 before moving to 

Real Madrid

 and won three Premier League titles and the Champions league. 

He also helped Real Madrid win four champions league trophies and two league titles.

Also in his current team, 


, he has helped the team to win two Serie-A titles and is said to be able to secure another in the 2020-2021 season.

Andrea Pirlo

's side has a fourth place in the table and is seven points behind AC Milan and has one game in hand.

source: SportMob