Pogba on Manchester United’s win over Burnley

Tuesday12 January 2021 | 20:30
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The Frenchman commented on the decisions made by the game officials after their win over Burnley.

Though Manchester United player, Paul Pogba, believes the game officials denied what could have been a red card for a foul done on Edinson Cavani by Burnley’s Robbie Brady, he insists that the decision was not his to be made.

Despite the fact that the foul was reviewed by the referee on VAR, the chance to punish Burnley’s defender was dismissed and the game eventually ended with one goal for the Red Devils, which was scored by Pogba.

“Obviously it's hard but you have to be professional and we knew it wasn't going to be easy with the decision of the referee which I didn't agree with,” Pogba told Sky Sports. “But I'm not the boss on the pitch so we just have to keep calm and keep focused and of course we scored and won the game.”

Pogba also talked about Harry Maguire’s disallowed goal, adding: "It was a goal for sure - I don't know what happened. It was a beautiful goal and the referee decided that it was not. It was a strange decision but we got the result we wanted so we're happy.”

The Frenchman further commented on the match as he chose not to be carried out by their lead in the Premier League table.

"We know that the game today was very hard, very difficult and obviously we wanted to win. We know it's not easy to play here. We got the three points and we're happy for that but there's still a long way and now we focus again until the end of the season," he said.

"I'm always happy when I win - today we won and I'm happy we play well. Still a long way to go and we have big games to go so we have to focus on that."

source: SportMob
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