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Hope Solo used to get bullied in USWNT

Wed 13 January 2021 | 15:51

USWNT former star talks about his first days at the team.

Hope Solo

who has won many trophies with


has talked about his memories of the first days at the national team saying that they used to bully her.

“We were bullied, let’s be honest,"

Solo said.

"You’re supposed to be competitive, and you want to join the team and be the starter, but at the same time if you have that sense of confidence in yourself, it’s not always a good thing. You have to earn every step of it.

"When we grew up on the team it was cut-throat. People were not nice to us, people were not welcoming, they didn’t invite you to sit at the dinner table. It was really difficult growing up on the national team for me in a social aspect as well as learning the game. It is a much more open and welcome environment [now].

"When you grow up on the national team, there was a mean girls club, It was a mean girls club. Most players have come from rich, white families. That is the culture of the United States women’s national team. It is a very privileged, white culture.

"I remember Carli and I always talking about the culture, ‘we have to change this culture’. Carli and I were very welcoming, we weren’t bullies. We were very nice to the young kids coming in, but I think it’s because we were bullied. We always wanted to change that culture, but ultimately I’m not sure we succeeded.”

Carli Lloyd

has who still plays for the national team has confirmed what Solo said in the same podcast.

"Hope and I, coming through the international team, it was so hard,"

Lloyd said

. "I would go home to my room and cry afterwards because people were kind of mean to me. It was just the competitive nature.

"When I was first coming into the team, I had the Jersey swagger a little bit. I’m like, ‘I don’t care who you are, or what you’ve accomplished or done, I’m coming for your spot’.”


source: SportMob