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Sheffield United gaining back the confidence, says Wilder

Wed 13 January 2021 | 15:26

Sheffield United finally achieved their first three points after they've beaten the ten men Newcastle United.

We have witnessed many teams that had an awful start to their Premier League season and got relegated at the end of it.

Sheffield United

got the same results as the teams we talked about but their performance is not that bad. From the start, their performance was not awful but they just couldn’t get the right result.

They supported their manager and they believed that the positive results will finally arrive. The time arrived last night as they’ve beaten


United and got their first victory.

“I thought we were in control and confident on the ball and pushed it and it was a deserved win. It looked like we got our identity back,”

said Wilder.

“I thought the performance was really good. I know the sending-off will be talked about, making it easier for us, but I thought in the first half it was coming even before that.

“I felt we had an identity and it was us with the handbrake off, going for it and playing well in and out of possession.

“I’m delighted with the performance and it is a big result for the players and supporters obviously, given the length of time we haven’t had a win.

“The key now is to take it forward, we can’t waste it. We’ve got an incredible challenge ahead of us but if we can make it competitive…”



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source: SportMob