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Ex-La Liga star, shot in the head in 2009, comes home after coma

Tue 12 January 2021 | 19:41

Former La Liga player and Argentina international, Fernando Caceres has arrived home after life difficulties brought him coma in hospital.

Currently aged 51,


took a shot in the head in attempted larceny while driving his car in a Buenos Aires suburb in November 2009 – which had him in an initial eight-week coma.

The former defender was in Spain’s top flight for a decade, where he is well known for his time being in Real Zaragoza – where he earned a Copa del Rey title and the Cup Winners Cup – and in Valencia.

The Argentina international spent six seasons at Celta Vigo, while also being at Argentinos Juniors, River Plate, and Boca Juniors in his native Argentina.


was taken to hospital this month following "


" of the gunshot and woke from the coma on Friday.

He has now returned home to his family.



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source: SportMob