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EFL chief warns clubs to tighten Covid-19 protocols

Tue 12 January 2021 | 19:15

The new outbreak has hit the UK greatly and some are concerned that football would be stopped again.

The number of infected players is getting higher and higher everyday and matches are being postponed. The country is in lockdown and the situation is not getting better. New EFL chief executive 

Trevor Birch

 wrote to all the clubs on Monday according to BBC, warning them "now is not the time for complacency" over Covid protocols.

The letter added: 

"We will come under extreme governmental pressure if we continue to flout the rules and guidance in place.

"It is more important than ever that all club staff and players vigilantly follow the processes to avoid a suspension and the implications, particularly financial, associated with such a drastic course of action."

In the letter, seen by BBC Sport, EFL chief executive Birch added: 

"Throughout the pandemic, football has provided a glimmer of hope for many millions of people affected by restrictions but we all understand the scrutiny the game remains under.

"While football is permitted to continue the actions of all participants will clearly be under the microscope.

"I am therefore personally asking you to re-double your efforts, to check, amend and tighten your protocol accordingly, and ensure that players and staff are left in no doubt as to their responsibilities on matchdays."



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source: SportMob