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EFL chief Birch warns clubs about Covid-19 protocols

Mon 11 January 2021 | 20:30

According to EFL CEO Trever Birch, the government will try to stop football should clubs “continue to flout the rules” since coronavirus is spreading out of control.

Some sports were permitted to go according to the schedule notwithstanding the current lockdown that is to control the Covid-19 spread in the UK.

Due to some on and off-pitch events and the number of positive tests growing, the government is observing the professional games more than ever and

Trever Birch

warns EFL clubs about the matter.

Throughout the pandemic, football has provided a glimmer of hope for many millions of people affected by restrictions but we all understand the scrutiny the game remains under and we will come under extreme governmental pressure if we continue to flout the rules,

” he said in a letter to clubs.

Some EFL clubs did not follow the COVID-19 restrictions and protocols in the FA Cup’s third round weekend.

While football is permitted to continue the actions of all participants will be clearly under the microscope, whether this be in technical areas, dugouts, or in relation to general behaviour and interaction between players on the pitch and staff off it,

” Birch added.

Birch believes those individuals who transgress should be “properly investigated” and warned: “

Any failure to do so may result in action taken by the league individually against the relevant person where it is appropriate and/or against the club itself.”

He insisted that now was “not the time for complacency” over the coronavirus restrictions.

Starting this week, there will be two tests taken by the players and staff at EFL clubs, which are funded by the Professional Footballers’ Association.

The answers to this week’s test will be released on January 19.

Due to the Covid-19 crisis,

Premier League

has faced issues regarding its fixtures and many players were questioned for attending gatherings during the ongoing pandemic.

source: SportMob