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Brown on Harry Kane’s future with Tottenham

Tue 12 January 2021 | 13:39

The former Spurs believes there’s no need to rush the Englishman’s future-talks since his contract extends till 2024.

According to former


midfielder, Michael Brown,

Harry Kane

is expected to stay till 2024 and the Spurs have no intention into rushing the player about his future. Though there have been talks of Kane showing interest in other clubs, with Jose Mourinho’s help the chances of his departure has become were little.



Football Insider


“There’s no rush for Spurs regarding time on a new contract.”

“But, you would say, if there’s interest in the player and you feel a new contract might make that player more settled because he might be thinking he can make more money somewhere else or get a better opportunity, then you should offer him a new contract if you can afford it.”

“Tottenham don’t need to sell. They’re financially sound, they’re in a great position.”

“Yes, they’ve obviously had a bit of pressure with Covid, the new stadium etc, but they don’t need to sell Harry Kane when he’s on a contract like he is.”

“It will just come down to if they feel like it’s the right decision from the club to give him a reward, to extend his contract a little bit longer, to make it more secure, then they could do. But there’s not a massive amount of rush when he’s staying until 2024.”

Kane currently has 200 goals and 150 assists with Tottenham.

source: SportMob