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There is no better player to see that pass than Thiago-Aldridge

Tue 12 January 2021 | 13:04

The former Reds striker wants to see the defending champions include Thiago Alcantara within their lineup at Anfield against Manchester United

Thiago Alcantara

joined Liverpool from Bayern Munich for € 20 million this summer but did not get off to a good start at Anfield, making just five appearances for


. The former Liverpool striker believes Thiago is the one who can make the difference and is waiting for him to return to action against Manchester United.

Aldridge told the Liverpool Echo : “

The final ball has not been up to our standard in the last few games and that’s what has been letting us down a little bit after we’ve got in behind the defence and are looking to pick someone out


“I must underline, though, it’s really hard when a team has 10 men behind the ball to do that but you’ve got to see where the ball needs to go and there are ways like putting the ball into areas at the back post.

“Of course, team selection is up to the manager but when you’re thinking about the final ball and picking people out in the 18-yard box - Andy Robertson and Alexander-Arnold have been magnificent for the last few years.

“And from midfield, there is no better player to see that pass than Thiago. That’s his forte.

“Whoever the manager plays in there - we don’t know as he’s got a lot of options - but at the moment he is the one that’ll see that killer pass more than anyone.”

Liverpool will host Manchester United at Anfield on January 17. If Manchester win this game, they will climb to the first place in the table.

Aldridge expects a tough clash for domestic supremacy, with Manchester City also coming back into the mix after taking in a slow start to their 2020-21 campaign.

City mean business, you can see them putting a serious set of results together,

” added Aldridge.

“We expected they would but we’ve dropped our form and we can’t afford to drop many more points.

“We’ve got to get our act together away from home and let the home results look after themselves, which hopefully they will. The lads will realise that.

“This is what Liverpool teams used to do, this group of players have made their own history by winning the Premier League but it’s so hard to replicate it and go on to win it the following year.

"Teams in the past at this club did that, but it’s up to these lads now to raise the bar again. They’re up there with the great Liverpool teams but they’ll be desperate to prove it.

“And if they do it without the likes of Virgil van Dijk at centre-half too, that’ll put them right up the pecking order.”



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