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More debts for Barcelona continue to pile up

Tue 12 January 2021 | 12:51

The Catalonians will have to pay half of their debts by the end of the year as more financial struggles continue to block their way.

La Liga giants,


, reach a debt of almost £1billion since the outbreak of Covid-19. Having lost $100m (£73.5m) of their finances during the pandemic, Barca’s debts currently sit at €500m, reports

La Vanguardia

. And with the nearing of their presidential elections, the clubs’ future board members are obliged to deal with Barcelona’s current financial crisis.

With this rising number, Barca have got themselves into more financial struggles by reducing the players’ wages. And though the team was ready to welcome back fans in December, the overspread of Covid-19 has prevented the Spanish clubs to deal with their current issues.

One source told

La Vanguardia


“Those accounts also included expectations of renewal with sponsors such as Rakuten - €55m - or Beko, €19m, which will not be met.”

source: SportMob