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Burnley use Artificial Intelligence for scouting

Tue 12 January 2021 | 12:39

Burnley will use artificial Intelligence to find footballing stars of the future.


's new boss,

Alan Pace

, has decided to make a dramatic change to the club's scouting scheme to defeat the existing coronavirus protocol.

The club is the first in the Premier League to use


which is an open global talent search, to unearth next generation of talent.

The app enables footballers over the age of 14 to try out for the Burnley Academy through undertaking specific football drills carried out in their own location and filmed using a mobile phone.

The drills will be compared against other players using AiSCOUT’s technology which allows scouts to analyze players’ abilities.

Clarets chairman Alan Pace


"This is a first opportunity for us to introduce new data-led technologies into the football club and promote Burnley to the wider football world by giving aspirational young players across the world an opportunity.

"With the pandemic currently leading a suspension of youth football in Lancashire and across the UK, this trial represents an open and inclusive opportunity for football players to complete a set of drills in their own environment that could end with them being scouted by a Premier League club."

source: SportMob