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Moyes responds to criticism following Covid-19 overspread

Tue 12 January 2021 | 12:23

The pressure on football clubs grows as the number of Covid-19 cases rise among Premier League teams.

West Ham


David Moyes

, defended players and staff following the growing pressure on football clubs to be more careful regarding the overspread of coronavirus. Moyes defended the footballers, saying they have been dealing with

“a lot of nervousness”

to avoid the virus but with their hectic schedules this has been a difficult task.


Premier League

issued a new statement recently warning players to avoid any sort of contact especially in big gatherings with EFL’s new chief executive, Trevor Birch, writing that the clubs should warn of

“extreme governmental pressure if we continue to flout rules and guidance”.

With the growing number of cases many have questioned whether the current campaign should be halted or not. And though no decision has been made regarding this matter Labour’s Shadow Sports Minister,

Alison McGovern

, admitted that it is becoming

“increasingly difficult”

for the league to continue.

Moyes, who believes the Premier League should continue, said:

“We sat for two hours last night working out how we’re going to get tested with the amount of games we’re playing in the coming weeks. We’re all aware that the Covid at the moment is really bad. We’re trying to take a lot of care of the players, because the players have put themselves at a lot of risk as well. Behind the scenes there is a lot of nervousness. The players are going back to young families, their wives, and they have been out exposing themselves [to the virus].”

“We’re being tested and that gives us a better chance, but it doesn’t stop you getting the virus. It is only telling you that you are clear.”

source: SportMob