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Laporta favorite to win Barcelona presidency race

Tue 12 January 2021 | 10:12

Among the candidates for the presidency of Barcelona, four candidates managed to collect enough signatures to reach the final stage of the election.

The main battle for the presidency of


seems to be between

Joan Laporta


Victor Font









were able to collect the required number of signatures on Monday to reach the final stage of the Barcelona presidential election, which will be held in two weeks.

Laporta, who previously presided over Barcelona between 2003 and 2010, managed to collect 10,272 signatures to get significantly ahead of Font with 4713, Frexia with 2,822 and Rousand with 2,510 votes.

The validity of these signatures will be checked on Tuesday and the final candidates will be announced on Thursday.

Given that Rousand was able to reach the required number of signatures with a very small difference, he may be eliminated from the final candidates in the final round.

Despite requests for a postponement of Barcelona's presidential election due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, the club continued to insist on January 24 for the election.

the region of Catalonia has recently enacted strict new laws to control the outbreak of COVID-19, which will take effect on January 7 for ten days.

Although the restrictions expire before the Barcelona election, there have been requests to postpone the election due to the possibility that some members may not be able to vote.

However, Barcelona has announced that the club's elections will definitely take place on January 24, and all arrangements have been made for the election.

Given that Laporta has collected more signatures than the other three candidates combined, he seems to be the most favorite candidate for Barcelona presidency.



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