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Season suspension wouldn't surprise anyone, says Wilder

Mon 11 January 2021 | 18:48

The Premier League might be completely suspended as the number of infected players is increasing.

Just after the good news about the vaccination, a new strain of Coronavirus hit the UK and it is causing a lot of problems for the

Premier League

clubs. Five matches at the top flight have been postponed so far this season and a considerably high number of players have been infected.

Sheffield United


Chris Wilder

claims he wouldn’t be surprised if the current season of Premier League was suspended.

Asked if he thought the season would be completed, Wilder said: “

I don’t think anyone would be surprised (if it wasn’t). Everyone knows the situation and if it gets suspended I don’t think it’d be a surprise.

“But I’ve been consistent with it, I’ve said all the way through that I want to come into work and play games. That’s been our stance and it’s been left with the Government in conjunction with the Premier League, but I personally don’t think anybody would be surprised because it’s just taken off.

“From the fantastic news regarding the vaccine we’ve been hit by a sucker punch straight away in terms of what the new strain is chucking out there. Everybody puts the TV on and it’s the first item on the news, the numbers keep soaring up and rising.

“We’ll just go with what the Government and Premier League have to say and, if it’s the case to carry on, we’ll carry on. But I don’t think I’m being controversial if I say I don’t think anyone would be surprised if we don’t carry on with the way it’s sweeping through the country.”



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source: SportMob