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Sean Dyche has to decide over players who have recovered from COVID-19

Mon 11 January 2021 | 15:39

Burnley boss is hopeful that he will have all his sidelined players back for their Tuesday match against Manchester United.

The Clarets

played their Saturday FA Cup match against MK Dons without having a number of players including Ashley Westwood, Josh Brownhill, Jimmy Dunne, and Bailey Peacock-Farrell. All these players had either tested positive for Coronavirus or had close contact with others who had tested positive. The team’s boss

Sean Dyche

is facing a crisis as he has to decide whether he wants to use the recovered players immediately or not. Ahead of his team’s Tuesday clash against

Red Devils

, Dyke has spoken about his team’s current situation with sidelined players.

“They’ve been double tested again and the timescale fits in. We’ve followed all the protocols so hopefully people will be available.

“The only challenge we, like many others will have is, if you’ve had players who have been locking down for 10 days and they come straight back in and are expected to play a game, and not just one game, four or five back to back.

“A lot of managers say players play too much. If it’s too much you’ve got to be careful that they’re ready to play. Our lads are pretty fit historically so we’re pretty sure once we check them out they’ll recover well and be ready and raring.”

Dyke has sympathy for players whose behaviors about the social distancing have been under spotlight in the recent weeks.

“Of course there’s been some unfortunate behaviour that is not the right thing but some of it, let’s face it, it makes a story. So I feel for the players a little bit because most, in my experience, are trying to do the right things.

“There have been some cases where footballers have been a bit naive in some of their actions. Ours so far haven’t been.

“We’ve had to just change (protocols) again because we’ve had a few cases, we’ve had to separate even further. Our staff meetings have changed – we’re in a huge room with distance everywhere, so we’re trying to do our bit. That’s all we can ask.”

Dyke hopes that

Premier League

officials won’t suspend the competition as the clubs are doing their best to keep their staff and players safe.

“I think the Premier League are doing everything possible and mostly the players are as well. As long as the protocols are there and it’s as safe as it possibly can be, then I think football has to continue. I think it would be a drastic action to stop it now.”

Asked about Manchester United’s competition at top of the table, Dyke responded:

“It’s been a funny one, it’s almost seemed like no one quite wanted to grip hold of it and win their games.

“I don’t think anyone’s doubted their (United’s) ability for a long while, it’s getting the consistency into the team and winning games. They’re showing much stronger signs of that obviously over the last run of games.

“The main thing is about our performance levels, and I think they’ve got stronger as the season’s gone on. We’re on a good little run ourselves.”

source: SportMob