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Parker: People look at Manchester United as a one-man team

Mon 11 January 2021 | 14:40

Parker: People look at Manchester United as a one-man team

Manchester United

did not have a very good start to the season, but they quickly found their perfect form and now with 33 points out of their 16 matches, they are standing second in the Premier League table just under



One of the main reasons for the Red Devils’ good form is amazing performances by their Portuguese star,

Bruno Fernandes


Fernandes has been a great addition to Man Utd squad, but former Man Utd defender,

Paul Parker

believes the team is too much reliant on the 26-year-old star.

“It's the strength and the presence of Bruno Fernandes that's making the difference for Manchester United.”

Parker said

“Even with how much everyone thought of Eric Cantona and what he did, and they still talk about how great he was at the time, people didn't look at Manchester United as a one-man team like they do at the moment.

“United fans are fearful of Fernandes being unavailable for a few games because they have made themselves too reliant on one player to pull the strings in every attacking move they have. We saw that in the Wolves game and they defended against him very well.

“What United need is someone else on the park at the same time as him, not someone else to come in when he's injured, and to take defenders away from him.

“When Eric Cantona was on the pitch, his presence helped other players into making attacks so there was more than one attacking thrust. This Manchester United team struggle with that.

“You don't want to go out and spend in the current situation. You've got Edinson Cavani - use him. He's the best center-forward they've got in this moment in time at the club, so try and make him a presence like they did with Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

“The difference, which Zlatan could not do when he was at United, is Cavani will make a run for Fernandes to find him with a pass, or will be able to see where Fernandes should be making a run and will make that pass.

“It's all about creating space and that is what he will do. Anthony Martial won't make a run to make something happen so there's a big difference between the two strikers. Cavani has to play.”

source: SportMob