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James believes Aguero should leave for PSG

Mon 11 January 2021 | 12:25

The ex-Blues stopper believes since the club is no longer reliant on the Argentine, Aguero could leave for another team.

According to former

Manchester City

goalkeeper, David James,

Sergio Aguero

is the club’s


but with the little reliance on him in Pep Guardiola’s squad, the Blues all-time top scorer should be leaving for

Paris Saint-Germain



Mauricio Pochettino

admitted to being interested in adding another player to his squad, James believes Aguero, who has been a victim of his injuries during this season, should prepare himself for a fresh start at Ligue 1.



Stadium Astro

of Aguero:

“I would let him go.”

“This isn’t taking anything away from him, he is a legend at Manchester City and always will be. There comes a point though when you are relying on him and can’t move forward. They have proved that they can move forward without him.”

“I think he has finished top goalscorer in the Premier League once, we are not talking about an Alan Shearer that did it three years in a row.”

“As much as he is a Manchester City legend and a dangerous threat, he spends a lot of time injured, he isn’t always the top scorer in the Premier League, and I think Manchester City are slowly trying to find that instinct where multiple high goalscorers are more important than one outstanding goalscorer.”

“If you can get some money for him from PSG, especially considering the amount of time he has been injured, take it.”

“It will be a fond farewell and I’m sure there will be a number of suitors that would like to come to Manchester City to fill his position.”

“Do they need to sell Aguero to make money or do they let him go because he has been a loyal servant?”

“Letting Aguero go won’t be because they want to get rid of him, it will be more of a thank you. If PSG are interested, then they would let it happen. They have already got people in place.”



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’ coaching approach, the team could move to another striker if Aguero chooses to leave for PSG.

“The focus is always on Aguero and his successors, everyone has to be matched to that,”

James added.

“If [Gabriel] Jesus knocks in 15 goals, [Riyad] Mahrez gets 15 and [Raheem] Sterling does 15, they don’t have to reach the 20s and already you have got 45 goals from three players.”

“That could be Manchester City’s best format going forward, rather than looking for an out-and-out 20-25 goalscorer.”

source: SportMob