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John Yems: Leeds win won’t sink in until I relax on a beach

Mon 11 January 2021 | 10:28

Crawley boss admits that his side’s FA Cup victory against Leeds won’t sink in anytime soon.

The League two club displayed a spectacular performance against

Leeds United

in FA Cup’s third round and managed to defeat their Premier League opponents. Three second-half strikes by Nick Tsaroulla, Ashley Nadesan, and Jordan Tunnicliffe stunned Marcelo Bielsa’s team and shaped one of the greatest performances in the club’s history.

The West Sussex team

has never been able to win a match against a top-flight team in FA Cup and their manager admits that it’s hard to process the magnitude of this victory.

“I think this is the biggest club to have been here and to beat Leeds United, in the way that we beat them as well…

“We had a plan, we stuck to it, and (it was) all down to the players, they absolutely deserved everything they got.

“We knew we needed to make it as difficult as we can – don’t get caught chasing the ball, don’t get mixed up in their game and we did that. We let them have it in front of us and the rest is history.

“It’s a big club, isn’t it?

“It won’t sink in until possibly when you’re lying on a beach in the summer and there’s people talking about it and you see the reruns of what the club has done and who you beat.”

Asked about his team’s game plan, Yems joked:

“We went to church this morning, lit a few candles!”

The manager had initially encouraged his players to go out and celebrate their big win but then remembered about the current lockdown situation.

“I got myself in trouble a little bit because I’m telling all the boys go out and enjoy yourself and make the most of it and, of course, you can’t go out anywhere,

“We all get knocks in life and in football, you’ve got to make the best of the good times because you get a lot more bad times.

“Nothing beats winning, it’s the greatest feeling to walk in that dressing room and see everyone happy. And they deserved it as well.

“I don’t think there are too many people who can say we were lucky.”

source: SportMob