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Lazio boss says that they deserved to win

Sat 09 January 2021 | 20:30

Simeone has talked about their performance after defeating Parma.



victory against Parma,


said that they should have scored earlier in the game.

 “We had the right approach to the game, I think we only ran one risk in the first half, but otherwise fully deserved to win. In fact, we should’ve opened the scoring earlier.

“It’s a win that can help boost our confidence and self-esteem,”

Inzaghi told Sky Sport Italia


He also said that


will stay at Lazio despite the rumors about his departure.

“Caicedo is a very important player for us, his teammates all love him, we are happy with what he’s doing and want him to remain with us. We have a director of sport who deals with the transfer market, I just want us to play with a complete squad at our disposal, that is all.”

Lazio is the 8


team in Serie A but they have been improving despite their defeat against Milan. Inzaghi explains that they are back in form and they have not lost their focus.

“We had a very tough Champions League group, even without the COVID issues, so we knew that a few points were going to be dropped during that period. I do think we deserved more from recent games, most notably against Milan and Genoa.

“The team is going strong now, though, and the suggestion we took our foot off the gas or weren’t fully focused is not true.”

source: SportMob