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No place for Lingard at Manchester United

Sun 10 January 2021 | 12:24

Former United striker believes that Lingard should move away from United and find a team so he can play.


made his third appearance for

Manchester United

this season as he obviously has no place in

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

’s plans. Lingard was a starter for United at the beginning of last season, but after the signing of some midfielders such as Fernandes or van de Beek, Lingard was useless for United.

Berbatov, former Manchester United player believes that the 28 years old should leave and find another team to regain his form.

"Honestly, his time is up. He’s not playing. He had his chances to shine, to prove how good he is, how good he can be,"

the former United striker told Stadium Astro.

"It shows that, for the moment, Ole does not trust him enough to play him. And honestly, he doesn’t have anywhere to play in the team right now.

"So when you’ve been so long in one team and, coming to 28 [years old], you have to look back and say, 'Did I achieve enough? Am I happy with what I’ve done here? Is my time up?'

"So I think he need to move, he needs to go somewhere else to play.

"It’s going to be a lesser team than United, but as long as he gets more playing time to get back to doing what he can do. I remember him starting for England and scoring goals for England.

"But now that is all gone in my opinion and he needs to rediscover some of the form that he used to have before."



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source: SportMob