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Alderweireld: “Tottenham can’t really win the game against Marine”

Sun 10 January 2021 | 10:54

The Belgium international knows well that Tottenham are expected to win easily in the FA Cup.

Toby Alderweireld

revealed his thought that


“can’t really win” in the clash against


on Sunday. The Spurs are going to face a non-league opposition in the FA Cup, who will host the clash in hope of vanquishing Jose Mourinho’s side as they boosted their confidence having defeated Havant and Waterlooville in the second round.

The 31-year-old believes his side is threatened by what Marine are capable of given their belief that this is the game of their life, but admits that no matter what the results will be, Tottenham will be critically observed.

You can’t really win the game. If you win, you’re expected to

," the Belgian centre-back said.

So, it’s pressure but it is good to have pressure - if you have no pressure, you are a little bit sloppy


Everyone expects us to win easily but it’s never that easy because, for most of those guys, it’s the game of their lives, so they’re going to do everything to make it as difficult as possible.

“It’s up to us to start well and give a good level of performance.

“If we put the same work rate in as them then, of course, quality will beat them.”

Tottenham vanquished


and made their way through the Carabao Cup final and are getting prepared to fight for the

Premier League


Europa League

titles as the second half is starting.

We have to grab every chance we can to get silverware and to get as far as possible,

" he added.

We don’t have to be crazy about ‘silverware, silverware, silverware’, because the steps the club has taken are a lot bigger than winning one cup.

“Don’t underestimate the stadium, the Champions League final, getting into the Champions League for almost every season in the last five years.

“That is a big step for this club.

“But now it would be unbelievable to get some silverware, of course.”

source: SportMob