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Juventus wanted to sign Locatelli

Sun 10 January 2021 | 9:57

Locatelli’s agent, Stefano Castelnuovo, confirmed the Bianconneri’s interest in the 23-year-old midfielder in an interview with Tuttosport ahead of Sassuolo’s clash against Juventus.

The Italian’s agent revealed the current


manager was


idol while he was growing up.

“Manuel had Pirlo’s poster in his room, and it will be exciting to face him this evening,”



“However, he won’t influence him, big matches are the games he prefers, he always gives his best,”

he added.


academy graduate could start this evening’s match on the other side of the pitch.

“Juventus were interested in signing him in the summer, but the clubs did not reach an agreement. It can happen,”

Castelnuovo confirmed.

“Manuel is doing well with Sassuolo, he hasn’t changed his attitude and it wasn’t something to take for granted. I am happy he has made his Italy debut and everything is still possible with Juventus, maybe we’ll be luckier in the summer.

“We have a great relationship with Sassuolo, the club is really ambitious. We’ll see what happens. If a nice offer comes, it would be good for everyone to find an agreement. We’ll be always grateful to Sassuolo.”

Regarding the possibility of


return to the Rosonnerri, the agent said:

“Again, he will always be grateful to the club, but I think he is looking for a difference experience, in Italy or abroad. He dreams of playing the Champions League, hopefully both him and Sassuolo will receive a gift in the summer.”

source: SportMob