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Ferdinand on Van de Beek: I’m surprised he’s not played more minutes

Sun 10 January 2021 | 9:46

Former Man United star comments on Van de Beek’s situation at the team.

Donny van de Beek

has been known as one of Europe's most promising prodigies. The 23-year-old midfielder left


to join

Manchester United

on a $47 million contract.

The Dutch player has not been so lucky at Old Trafford, as he is not getting much play time. He appeared in 21 matches for Man Utd in all competitions, in most of which he came in as a substitution.

Red Devils legend,

Rio Ferdinand

has expressed his thoughts on the subject, believing the player expects more play time.

He told

BT Sport


“I’m really surprised he’s not played more minutes.

"I’m 100% certain that he expected to play more.

"The interesting point with the whole van de Beek situation is, what was the conversation in negotiations coming here?

"When you negotiate a contract to go somewhere, you come into the football club knowing where you are, if you’re going to start, or are they going to have to work their way into the team.

"That’s the important part and we don’t know the answer yet. I’m sure from the soundings that his agent has been given off, he expected to be playing games and be a major part of this team.

"It hasn’t materialized so far, and he’s got a Euros to worry about if that goes ahead."



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source: SportMob