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Arteta: ‘Aubameyang needs to get some momentum’

Sun 10 January 2021 | 7:59

Mikel Arteta believes Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang needs confidence and hopes his last goal against Newcastle will help him gain momentum.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

scored one goal, which was his second one in four games, in the game against


on Saturday and helped his side to secure their passage into the fourth round of the

FA Cup




Mikel Arteta

hopes that Aubameyang’s goal will help him gain momentum for the second half of the season as he has been short of his prolific best this season.

“He needs confidence,” Arteta said. “He needs to get some momentum now as well and start to put the ball in the net like he has always done.

“I think today’s goal is going to be key for him.“

Arteta has said that it has been difficult to integrate new players like Willian and spend time together due to the strict coronavirus procedures.

“It is more of a challenge as we are not spending much time together,” Arteta said. “Getting the cohesion of the team is needed as we do not have the time. 

“We just have to keep them as well as we can and maximize resources.”

Arsenal have won their last four games and Arteta believes confidence is growing among the players.

He said: “We keep winning and the momentum going, and then confidence grows and grows.”

Arteta believes that being able to have five substitutes in the FA Cup is a huge benefit.

“The players on the bench in this competition is key,” Arteta said. “Five substitutes gives you a lot of options. 

“You notice at the end of the match when some players are a bit leggy you can bring fresh players in and it can change the game.”

He added: “We made it hard for ourselves as we had enough chances to put the game to bed much earlier, but we allowed them to stay in the game.

“When you do not score, at some stage you are going to give a chance away like we did and we needed our goalkeeper to contribute - which he did with a brilliant save.”

source: SportMob