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We watched for 45 minutes and played the other 45 minutes-Giampaolo

Sun 10 January 2021 | 5:44

Torino played against Milan last night at the San Siro stadium and finally suffered a defeat after 4 games. The Torino coach seems unhappy with the result because he believes they did not play well halfway through the match.

Torino's unbeaten streak finally broke after four games and they lost 2-0 at AC Milan at the San Siro. Torino boss Marco Giampaolo looked disappointed with the result and believes Torino had only one good half against Milan.

“I judge a game over the full 95 minutes. I have to say we watched for 45 minutes and then played the other 45 minutes. Then there are incidents during the match. Looking at the penalty incident again, I think it was a penalty for us, but it doesn’t change anything now,”

Giampaolo told DAZN.

“We didn’t show enough character or confidence in the first half and compromised the result, despite the good reaction after the break. Nobody wanted to take on the responsibility of running a risk, we were switched off.”

Andrea Belotti appeared very diligent in the attacking line, but Torino relies too much on their striker.

“Belotti is generous, he doesn’t just sit there and wait for the ball, he comes back and helps out. I don’t like the long ball game, as we could get too stretched out, I’d always prefer another pass.”



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