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Martinelli misses their match in the last minute

Sat 09 January 2021 | 20:30

Arteta was shocked with his young player’s last minute injury.

Gabriel Martinelli

has turned his ankle while preparing for


Saturday match against Newcastle United in the FA Cup.


had to make a quick change in his lineup and use Nelson instead of Martinelli. The coach says that he was shocked when he heard about the injury.

"I am gutted,"

Arteta said.

"I was in my office before the game and one of the coaches came in and said that Gabi hurt himself, that he twisted his ankle.

"I went to the medical room and he was in tears. It didn't look good.

"He was in a lot of pain and we're gonna have to see how he is. He was in pain so I imagine we're not gonna have good news with him."

And about the time of giving an injury update on Martinelli, who had already missed six months of action in Arsenal, Arteta said:

"I hope so (by Monday). We really want to know what's going on.

"He's a character that says he wants to play the next game, that he doesn't care that he can handle pain, but I don't know.

"Hopefully there is nothing too serious but to start with it didn't look too good."

source: SportMob