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Genoa boss is not happy with their performance

Sat 09 January 2021 | 20:46

Davide Ballardini thinks that his team didn’t show a good performance against Bologna.


players are not playing the way their boss wants them to despite their victory against



“Genoa didn’t create much and did not play that well today, I acknowledge that, but I also don’t remember any real Bologna scoring opportunities. They keep the ball well, but don’t have much end product,”

the coach told Sky Sport Italia


“It’s true that Genoa must do more in creating play, because it’s difficult if we stay at this level if you don’t have much time on the ball, but the work-rate and focus at this moment is what we need.

“It’s not that you win if you are relaxed. Being relaxed is a consequence of good results, performances and improvements, which in turn makes it easier to keep that going.

“As I said, it wasn’t our best performance, Genoa need to improve a lot, but there were also positives from the character, determination and concentration, the team spirit.

“I want to see Genoa with this determination, but also with more confidence on the ball and providing more options going forward.”


made a surprising substitution in that match, he took Ebongue out 29 minutes after sending him in.

“That’s how I saw it, the game developed in a certain way and I had to make adjustments. He wasn’t showing to me that he was as focused as he had to be at that moment of the game. If a player isn’t concentrated and doesn’t seem to know what he is meant to do, the coach has to take action.”

source: SportMob