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Foster full of praise for Greenwood as he will face him again

Sat 09 January 2021 | 18:28

Foster still remembers the goal Greenwood scored against him.

Ben Foster

, former England international and

Manchester United

player is a big fan of

Mason Greenwood

. The 19 years old striker is one of the latest academy products of the Red Devils as he scored 17 goals last season and 3 goals so far this season.

Foster says that Greenwood is one of those players who goalkeepers are scared of. Foster plays for


currently and they will face Manchester United tonight ahead of the third stage of FA Cup.

“United have some really talented forwards in today’s team, and the one that stands out is Mason Greenwood,”

Foster, who spent five years on the Red Devils’ books between 2005 and 2010, told the Premier League club’s Unscripted series.

“A massive thing for a striker, which p*sses a goalkeeper off more than anything, is where they shoot without you even thinking they’re about to kick it. They’re running with it and suddenly, with no backlift, BANG, like Jermaine Defoe… They pull it out of nowhere and catch the keeper by surprise.

“Greenwood has got that, but with both feet as well, which is special. He cannot only kick it really well and really hard with both feet, but he’s so accurate, too. For a young lad to be able to do that at that age is very, very promising.

“The goal he scored against me last season was a thing of beauty. He just took it down and BANG, goal. I was thinking: Woah. Fair enough. Fair dos lad. I’ve played the game a long time and there’s not many players who can do that.”



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source: SportMob