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Rivaldo says that Pedri should not be under pressure

Sat 09 January 2021 | 17:31

Barcelona’s former player talks about their Young talent Pedri.


says that


should be aware of the pressure coming with the ‘next Messi’ nickname and asks the club and the fans not to put too much pressure on


as he keeps growing as a professional player.

Everyone is looking for Messi’s successor as he gets closer to the end of his era but Barcelona’s former star says that this should not become a source of pressure on their young talent Pedri instead of giving him ambitions.

Rivaldo told Betfair about Barcelona’s prodigy:

“Pedri is only 18 years old and it would be rash to start putting too much pressure on him, even though the squad has more experienced players to take on the responsibility and should step forward.

“He simply needs to continue his good work, developing and learning to become one of the great players at the club in the near future. His great qualities are undeniable and there are already rumours that he might be part of the Spain squad at Euro 2021, which only confirms he has great ability.

“But he is very young, and Barcelona should be careful to not put the spotlight on him too soon. He needs to continue improving his game and then perform on the bigger stages other than La Liga, such as the Champions League.

“It may well be Messi's last season at the club, so he could have more chances to take responsibilities next season, but for now I would suggest that he just needs to continue his normal process and play his football every time he is called upon by Ronald Koeman.”

source: SportMob