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Scottish authorities believe that Celtic disregarded social distancing

Sat 09 January 2021 | 16:47

John Kennedy, says that all the advice on the matter of corona virus were paid attention to during the training camp.

John Kennedy



assist manager, claims that every protocol to lower the possibility of getting infected was regarded.

Celtic was being harshly criticized by the Scottish authorities after leaving for Dubai to go on "training camp".

Although he claimed that all the limits were paid attention to, Nicola Sturgeon, first minister, questioned the idea of whether Celtic cared about social distancing after some photos were posted on social media.

Kennedy however, believes that they paid attention to health protocols a said

: “There's been slip-ups with minor things

“If you get a snapshot of something, you can criticize and jump on it.

“As much as we possibly can, we speak to the players in terms of the protocols they must adhere to, because everyone wants football to continue, we want to abide by all the rules.

“If there’s any error in that, we try to eradicate that or fix it, and that’s what we did. The picture maybe paints a bleak picture but we have got to move on from that.

“The government and the SFA have said there is not really a case to answer, we have submitted what we need to, and they are content with that, so we just have to concentrate on moving forward now.”

Kennedy says that lots of effort were put into their trip considering health care.

All the players and staff were tested and now they are waiting for the results as they arrived back in Scotland.

He also added that many players from all the other teams tested positive although they had not gone on a trip. he said that this decision was made 2 months ago when things had not gone so bad considering the coronavirus situation.

He said: 

“The latest lockdown didn’t come until we were in Dubai. We went out thinking we were good to go, we have had the approval, there are no travel restrictions. We went over on our own flight, didn’t mingle with anyone.


source: SportMob