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Keown says Arsenal’s dismissal has conned fans

Sat 09 January 2021 | 15:58

The former Arsenal defender will not change his mind about the World Cup winner who failed to meet their expectations in north London.

Martin Keown


Mesut Ozil

could have been the best player in the history of


“ if he had the determination of

Kieran Tierney

.” Still, it seems that a divisive figure in the Emirate Stadium had been “conning” fans across his time in England.

The brilliance of the

World Cup

winner during his time on has been immense and there has been no doubt about his ability.

The incompatibility has proven to be a problem as

Arsene Wenger


Oni Emry

, and

Michel Arteta

regularly try to bring out the best in the talented playmaker.

The former Arsenal defender said: “

It hurts me that a player of that talent can’t get on the football pitch; it’s a crying shame.

“For me, he doesn’t go down as a legend because he doesn’t match the energy and determination of legends that I’ve seen at that football club.

“If he had Tierney’s determination, coupled with that ability, he might’ve gone down as the best player ever to play for Arsenal.

“He’s become calculated in the way that he’s undermining the club with tweets, and I think it’s now time to go.”

Keown added about Ozil, as he criticized the 32-year-old during his seven years at Arsenal:

“Two-and-a-half years ago when

 Atletico Madrid 

knocked Arsenal out of the

 Europa League

, I watched very closely, and it felt like he was conning the fans.

“He wasn’t giving everything for the shirt; I accused him of crocodile tears, it felt like something was very wrong. That was two-and-a-half years ago, and my opinion hasn’t changed.

“There was a session of illnesses, a mystery back injury, away games he wasn’t available.

 “But if you’ve got that much talent and you’re not getting picked, you can’t be giving 100 percent, and that was happening two-and-a-half years ago.

“He [agent Dr Erkut Sogut] accused me of jealousy and not being worthy; I think the 449 games for Arsenal qualify me, I’m not sure how many the agent has played.

“My eyes don’t lie. Statistics tell you an amazing story about Ozil, which I don’t think is convincing.”






source: SportMob